Clever Fruit Products (Clever), which produces fermented superfruit natural ingredients, has teamed up with Field2Fork founder, Treasa Paulie to lead Clever’s regulatory direction.

Together we have completed a global facilities regulatory review including domestic, international and key market access regulatory issues. This project was the first achievement from Clever’s participation in the Emergence Biotech Incubator ecosystem.

“We are delighted to have worked with Treasa on this project. She demonstrated the expertise we need and has led our Board through a thorough examination of the issues.” said Sean Sears, Chief Executive Officer for Clever. He added, “Simply put, market access requirements trump local regulations. Also, we were delighted to successfully complete our first project with Emergence support and guidance. ”

Clever is a developer of fermented natural health ingredients for functional foods (beverages), supplements, and nutraceutical brands. Its mission is to enhance the health of society using fermentation to increase the potency of antioxidant-rich superfruit. Clever’s products modulate the microbiome aiding the body’s gut, brain, skin and cell health. It works to bring the microbiome back into balance by helping to limit the health damaging effects of inflammation and oxidative stress.

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