Naturally Scientific Framework

Clever’s proprietary multi-stage, Intelligent Fermentation Technology Platform, leverages the complexity of each superfruit’s polyphenol profile to produce a rich array of health impacting bioactives the body uses to protect itself and regenerate.

These bioactives are often called metabolites, and some of these are postbiotics. In addition, Clever’s products contain prebiotics and probiotics, critical to the creation of metabolites.

General Health

This trio of biotics together foster better general microbiome (gut) health and protect against inflammation. Inflammation – the secret killer – thwarts the body’s ability to protect or regenerate itself. A defenseless body that can’t properly reproduce is the home of degenerative disease.

Metabolites’ Magic

Most leading scientists associate the health generating power of fermented polyphenols to the process of biotransforming the food we eat into smaller more easily absorbed molecules. This enhances the bioavailability of the food’s goodness, and in our case the potency of each superfruit’s historically recognized health benefits.

Phenolics – Immunity – Protection and Inflammation

Clever designs its fermentation to produce rich arrays of phenolics to better protect the body from oxidation and pathogens. Phenolics are what the human body produces within its microbiome when it biotransforms antioxidants found in plants and animal products. 

Short Chain Fatty Acids – Cell Regeneration and Feeding the Brain

Clever’s Intelligent Fermentation Technology Platform also produces another array of metabolites, some called Short Chain Fatty Acids, characterized here as a wide set of bioactives whose role is creating new cells in the body (1.1b new cells/every day) and feeding the brain.

Specific Need States

What might be less recognized is that the fermentation microbe and the polyphenol react to produce bioactives not present in the fruit. Fermentation design, with superfruit and microbe selection will drive different combinations of bioactives that will align to specific Need States.

The results are powerful health enhancing bioactives that in combination generate numerous opportunities to magnify the health benefits of the world’s best superfruit.

One of the World’s Most Functional, Wellness Shot Drink Ingredient

All you want, all in one. All at once.

Our all-natural, 100% all plant-based, upcycled, fermented wild blueberry ingredient, enhances the bioavailability and potency of the world’s #1 superfruit to aid in bringing the body’s microbiome back to balance.

This is a clean fruit ingredient as fermentation eliminates any fungicide, herbicide, or pesticide on the fruit.

Clever has designed a Wellness Shot Functional Drink that’s good for health,  good in the glass, & good for the globe.

It’s one small shot for your consumers. And a giant 1st-to-market opportunity for functional beverage manufacturers.