Clever Fruit Products (Clever) announced today it has joined the Emergence Bioscience Technology Incubator, Atlantic Canada’s leading program for Biotech companies. The incubator is jointly funded by two federal agencies, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and the National Research Council’s (NRC) Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP). Its mandate is to accelerate the growth of Atlantic Canada’s bioeconomy and early-stage bioscience companies.

The program gives Clever access to Emergence’s Critical Path program, one-on-one and team mentoring, business strategy and advisory services, as well as access to the Emergence Performance Network.

“It’s time to get going, we have primarily been a science-based research company. Now we prepare for market launch and Emergence is the ideal partner,” said Sean Sears, Chief Executive Officer for Clever. He added, “First up is for Clever to launch manufacturing within wild blueberry country and bring its Bluotic™ product to market.”

Clever is currently a member of the Natural Products Canada’s Ecosystem Program, a member of Bionova (Nova Scotia Health & Life Sciences Association), a past presenter at the Agriculture Venture Forum and the Atlantic Canada Venture Forum.

Clever is an alumni of
●    Startup BoatCamp’s Tasmania 2022 FoodTech accelerator program
●    Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) Mexico CIty AgriTech 2023
●    Nutritional Capital Network’s 1999 & 2021 Global Ingredient Pitch Day
●    Atlantic Biocon’s 2021 Pitch Event
●    Bioenterprise’s 2018 Strategic Partner Identification Program

Clever works closely with
●    Dalhousie University – Dept of Food, Plant & Environmental Sciences
●    Research Facilities
●    Perennia Innovation Center
●    PEI Bio Food Technology Center
●    Verschuren Center

Clever has won numerous awards and contests including:
●    Innovacorp’s Spark Challenge
●    Wild Blueberry Innovation Challenge
●    InvestNS’s Greenshoots Program
●    Volta Pitch Competition

Clever is a developer of fermented natural health ingredients for functional foods (beverages), supplements, and nutraceutical brands. Its mission is to enhance the health of society using fermentation to increase the potency of antioxidant-rich superfruit. Clever’s products modulate the microbiome aiding the body’s gut, brain, skin and cell health. It works to bring the microbiome back into balance by helping to limit the health damaging effects of inflammation and oxidative stress.

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