October 17, 2023

Clever Fruit Products has completed participation in a Canadian Government private B2B invitation-only Trade Mission in South Korea.

The trade mission was executed virtually and enabled Canadian companies to leverage the Canadian Trade Commission Team in South Korea and their contacts in the natural product ingredient industry. Highly connected and strategically positioned, Trade Commissioners were able to do match making, shopping our Bio, using their expertise and market knowledge, to connect us with large Korean companies active in ingredients, and particularly functional drink ingredients.

“This trade mission is ideally suited and designed for company’s like Clever Fruit. ”, said Sean Sears, Chief Executive Officer for Clever. He added, “We met several companies and one in particular seemed to be an ideal fit. Last winter we attended FOODEX Japan 2023; where we learned that Japan is the most mature functional drink market in the world, and that Korea is the fastest moving.”

Clever is a developer of fermented natural health ingredients for functional foods (beverages), supplements, and nutraceutical brands. Its mission is to enhance the health of society using fermentation to increase the potency of antioxidant-rich superfruit. Clever’s products modulate the microbiome aiding the body’s gut, brain, skin and cell health. It works to bring the microbiome back into balance by helping to  limit the health damaging effects of inflammation and oxidative stress.

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