Clever Fruit Products (“Clever Fruit”) has entered a service agreement with the Acadia Laboratory for Agri-Food and Beverage (“ALAB”) for its upcoming product models testing. Located at Acadia University, ALAB is an analytical lab that has an expertise in the quality control testing of craft beverages and agri-food products.

Clever Fruit will assign ALAB to provide the equipment, testing resources, and additional capabilities to test each batch of Clever Fruit’s products. ALAB will also provide research and analytical support to Clever Fruit in its future product development which will include helping Clever Fruit to design objectives of efficacy, shelf-life stability, and bioavailability.

“Having a reliable, third-party, and independent lab with high-tech equipment and professional talent within our community will be an important asset for our company,” said Sean Sears, Executive Chair of Clever Fruit. “We are excited to enter this agreement with ALAB.”

About Acadia’s ALAB:

The Acadia Laboratory for Agri-Food and Beverage is an analytical lab located at Acadian University that provides state of the art research and analytical services to the wine, craft beverage, and food industries. Situated within the beautiful Annapolis Valley, ALAB uses advanced analytical methods and cutting-edge research to test parameters related to exporting and quality control for craft beverages and agri-food products.

About Clever Fruit Products:

Clever Fruit Products (“Clever Fruit”) is a functional food ingredients manufacturer targeting improved health outcomes. Clever Fruit’s technology is a unique approach to fermentation that draws out the full nutrient profile of the underlying fruit while creating new compounds. While Clever Fruit’s proprietary process can work with any fruit, its focus is on wild blueberry, apple, and cranberry. Its initial product is based on the wild blueberry and early trials suggest a potential to reduce cholesterol by 40% and reduce LDL oxidation, lowering the possibility of plaque formation in the arteries.

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