May 14th, 2024

Clever Fruit Products (Clever), the producer of fermented superfruit natural ingredients, joins the Canadian SynBio Association.

“This is undoubtedly the single most significant human-altering technology I have ever seen, far more impactful than the internet or AI. Well, maybe AI will give it a run and also help accelerate SynBio’s impact” said Sean Sears, Chief Executive Officer for Clever. He added, “Clever is excited to participate. What fires us up the most about the field of SynBio is the potential to use fermentation to create all-natural products with highly specific metabolite structures. This revolution will bring a profound disruption to the Natural Products and the Pharma industries.”

SynBio Canada will host their annual conference, SYNBIO 6.0 in Vancouver on May 16-17. From SynBio Canada, “Synthetic Biology represents a maturation of genetic engineering and biotechnology. It has the potential to reshape medicine, industry, and agriculture.”

Clever is a developer of fermented natural health ingredients for functional foods (beverages), supplements, and nutraceutical brands. Its mission is to enhance the health of society using fermentation to increase the potency of antioxidant-rich superfruit. Clever’s products modulate the microbiome aiding the body’s gut, brain, skin, and cell health. It works to bring the microbiome back into balance by helping to limit the health-damaging effects of inflammation and oxidative stress.

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