Sunnyvale, California, June 11th, 2024

Clever Fruit Products (Clever), a fermented natural health ingredients developer for microbiome modulation, participates at Plug & Play Silicon Valley 2024 Summit.

Clever was invited to join the Plug & Play (PnP) ecosystem by the Food and Beverage team, one of the 20+ industry verticals they support. PnP is recognized as one of the world’s largest and most progressive venture investment platforms, with 60+ locations around the globe and making 250 investments each year.

“This is an important milestone for Clever, these are serious folks who work hard for their corporate partners and the innovation companies they select. The PnP SIlicon Valley 2024 Summit was impressive, with 100s of VCs, institutional and corporate investors, ” said Sean Sears, CEO for Clever. He added, “PnP has scaled something vertically and globally that is hard to do anywhere. They are marrying the global corporate world searching for new ideas, products, and innovations with the world’s leading innovators. They are creating rare opportunities for these two to meet up at wide-open events, such as their twice-per-year Summits, curated events and private meetings. It’s like having a whole other group of executives strapped onto your startup.”

Clever would like to recognize and thank several PnP FOOD and BEVERAGE team members for making the introduction to PnP so easy and for organizing the special private corporate introduction event, including Robert Grey, Valeria Cobis and Dia Williams. Thanks, gang, Clever acknowledges and honors you.

Clever develops fermented natural health ingredients for functional foods (beverages), supplements, and nutraceutical brands. Its mission is to enhance the health of society using fermentation to increase the potency of antioxidant-rich superfruit. Clever’s products modulate the microbiome aiding the body’s gut, brain, skin and cell health. It works to bring the microbiome back into balance.

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